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SYRIZA Party Regroups After Crisis (1/2)
Michalis Spourdalakis says SYRIZA's Central Committee met last weekend to evaluate the election results and consider ways to take advantage of potential cracks in the bailout agreement with European creditors
DATE: 2015-10-13 | LENGTH: 12:02

3 Supreme Court Cases You Should Be Aware Of
Public Citizen's Scott Nelson outlined three Supreme Court cases to the Real News that threaten the consumer and employee protection tool known as class action litigation
DATE: 2015-10-13 | LENGTH: 04:44

Days of Revolt: The 51 Day War
In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Max Blumenthal about his latest book and the brutal tactics used by the Israeli state in attempt to suppress Palestinian resistance.
DATE: 2015-10-13 | LENGTH: 25:33

Did Turkish Security Forces Know About Deadly Ankara Attack? (1/2)
Baris Karaagac says Turkey created an environment that has facilitated such acts by ISIS or other terrorist groups within Turkey during the last few years
DATE: 2015-10-13 | LENGTH: 11:03

Don't Drink the Water in Flint, Michigan
Rev. David Alexander Bullock and investigative reporter Curt Guyette explain why it took so long for officials to act to address growing corrosive elements and lead toxins in the city's water
DATE: 2015-10-12 | LENGTH: 09:38

Why Build the Green Party? - Jill Stein on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells Paul Jay that the Green Party will put the campaign in the service of social movements that deserve to be front-and-center in the political dialogue
DATE: 2015-02-16 | LENGTH: 16:52

What The Changing Workplace Has to Do With Mass Shootings
Journalist Mark Ames explains how the pro-privatization and anti-labor measures of the Reagan years and beyond have bred a more hostile work environment, triggering more mass shootings in workplaces and schools
DATE: 2015-10-12 | LENGTH: 10:38

Did the UN Meet Its 2015 Water & Sanitation Goals for Sub-Saharan Africa?
UMass-Amherst PERI's Leonce Ndikumana says resource-rich economies like Nigeria need to reform tax codes to make real impacts on poverty
DATE: 2015-10-12 | LENGTH: 09:47

Why Build the Green Party? - Jill Stein on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells Paul Jay that as a doctor/activist, she realized that the two party political system will not tolerate reform from within
DATE: 2015-02-15 | LENGTH: 20:54




Opposition Party Leaders Avoid Canada's Role in Global Arms Trade and Wars
Richard Sanders and Justin Podur say Canada's leading role in the global arms trade and its participation in war coalitions are in contradiction with the prevailing myth of the nation as a peacemaker
DATE: 2015-10-11 | LENGTH: 20:19

Israel Escalates Punitive Measures Against Palestinians in Jerusalem
Economist Shir Hever says more repression will not subdue the anger stemming from decades of occupation, but resistance could potentially undermine Israel's arms export industry and the state's practice of managing conflict without political compromise
DATE: 2015-10-11 | LENGTH: 09:34

At the Center of a Storm - Irvin Jim on RAI (3/3)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself: Workers must build a united front to implement the Freedom Charter, which includes participating in electoral politics; the workers movement can't just be about marching, says Mr. Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)
DATE: 2015-01-30 | LENGTH: 16:34

America's Unofficial Religion - The War on an Idea
The Empire has a range of weapons to maintain its power: from its courts to its military. But it also has effective ideological weapons. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-10-10 | LENGTH: 29:11

The Future of Popular Unity in Greece (2/2)
Stathis Kouvelakis, member of Popular Unity says the future of Popular Unity will depend on the Greek peoples reaction to the economic tsunami unleashed as a result of Syriza's surrender to the creditors
DATE: 2015-10-10 | LENGTH: 08:11

A Syria Without Assad?
Journalist Patrick Cockburn, who just returned from Syria, speaks about the impact of the Russian airstrikes in Syria and whether it can play a role in bringing the civil war to an end
DATE: 2015-10-09 | LENGTH: 19:32


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The ‘US Way of War’ from Columbus to Kunduz
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. The confluence of Columbus Day Weekend and the Kunduz hospital bombing has us thinking about the deep levels of cultural violence in the United States and what can be done to change it. How ...

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

In Syria, Obama is Playing a Losing Game
by Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. Stereotypes are on full display in the diplomacy around Syria: Arabs and Turks seem duplicitous and cruel; the Brits are supercilious junior partners; the French don’t do much ...

Andrew Levine

The Constant Cruelty of the Israeli Occupation: A No-go Zone in The NY Times
by Barbara Erickson. This article was first published on Times Warp. As Israelis and Palestinians die in an upsurge of violence, The New York Times fails once again to give readers an honest look at the causes of this ...

Barbara Erickson

Lithium Market Set To Explode – All Eyes Are On Nevada
By James Stafford. This article was first published on
While other commodities are floundering or completely collapsing in this market, lithium—the critical mineral in the emerging battery gigafactory war—is poised to explode, and going forward ...

James Stafford

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?
By Tom Hall and Barry Grey. This article was first published on World Socialist Web Site. The growth of support for the campaign of the “socialist” Bernie Sanders is an indication of the ...

Tom Hall and Barry Grey

The Record U.S. Military Budget
By Nicolas Davies, This article was first published on War Is A Crime. To listen to the Republican candidates' debate last week, one would think that President Obama had slashed the U.S. military budget and left our ...

Nicolas Davies


Reality Asserts Itself - Chris Hedges

Paul Jay asks Chris Hedges if the Pope's rhetoric on climate change and capitalism is a positive force or a dangerous illusion

Reality Asserts Itself - Thomas Drake

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake, a former Senior Executive at the National Security Agency, says he was targeted by the NSA because he exposed that the agency had intel that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks and because he blew the whistle on a massive secret surveillance program aimed at Americans

Reality Asserts Itself - Catarina Principe

On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe talks about growing up in Portugal expecting the promise of the social state to be fulfilled, and becoming an activist in the fight against forces dismantling the achievements of the Portuguese revolution


With Homicides at Record Pace, City Plans Three Day Trial for Freddie Gray Protester
Hours of video evidence and multiple witnesses planned in prosecution of man who faces misdemeanor charges for joining in Freddie Gray uprising
DATE: 2015-10-07

Baltimore Police Commissioner Stunned by Poverty in Baltimore
Another violent weekend with 9-year-old girl shot prompts debate over root cause of mayhem
DATE: 2015-10-05

Is There a Path Forward for Baltimore After Freddie Gray?
Scholars and activists debate the future of a city still dominated by aggressive policing strategies and tax breaks for downtown developers
DATE: 2015-10-3

First Defendent in Freddie Gray Trial May Prove Key in Prosecution's Case
TRNN gets reactions to the judge's decision to postpone the trials for the six officers charged with killing Freddie Gray. A technical issue in an earlier version of this video has been fixed
DATE: 2015-09-29

Sex for Repairs Scheme Alleged in Gilmor Homes
Federal lawsuit alleges residents of city housing project where Freddie Gray grew-up were asked to have sex in exchange for maintenance work
DATE: 2015-09-29

Prosecutors Drop False Imprisonment Charges Against Baltimore Pastor
ACLU says remaining charges of inciting a riot are overreaching and could discourage civil disobedience
DATE: 2015-09-25



Shock & Panic in Turkey: Deadliest Terrorist Attack in Countrys History PT. 1
2015-10-13 12:34:10

Shock & Panic in Turkey: Deadliest Terrorist Attack in Countrys PT. 2
2015-10-13 12:33:02

Tamir Rice Shooting Was 'Reasonable', Investigation Finds
2015-10-13 12:26:30

Alabama Is Still Living In The 1960s; The Return of Jim Crow
2015-10-13 11:26:40

From Million Man March to Columbus Day: Challenging White Supremacy & "Doctrine of Discovery"
2015-10-12 15:55:20

Columbus Day: Celebration of Mass Murder?
2015-10-12 14:50:22


Waiting For Joe-dot
2015-10-13 11:59:40

House Of Dodge
2015-10-13 11:49:55

John Oliver: Columbus Day - How Is That Still A Thing?
2015-10-12 14:58:53

Rachel Maddow Entertaining Recount of GOP Would Be Speaker of The House
2015-10-12 14:06:36

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Ben Carson: Popeyes Survivor and "Real" Black President
2015-10-10 11:11:10

McGraw-Hill Miseducation: Textbook publisher calls 'slaves' 'workers'!!
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