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Splits in the Ruling Elite Over Trump
Dr. Gerald Horne with host Paul Jay discuss the dysfunction in the American state and the divisions over the Trump presidency
DATE: 2018-04-24 | LENGTH: 14:59

Cuba's New President Faces Many Serious Challenges
The challenges Cuba faces involve economic inequality, increasing citizen inclusion the political process, and the still-ongoing US economic blockade. Prof. Elizabeth Dore and James Early discuss the challenges President Diaz-Canel needs to address
DATE: 2018-04-24 | LENGTH: 17:52

Corker-Kaine Bill Claims to Limit President's War Powers, but Actually Expands Them
Congress 'lacks courage' to assert its constitutional power to declare war. The Newly proposed Corker-Kaine Senate bill says it would regulate the president's ability to wage war, but actually gives him more war powers, says Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 10:40

Starbucks Teams up with ADL, Pro-Israel Group that Spied on Activists
Starbucks enlisted the Anti-Defamation League for anti-bias training. The ADL is a pro-Israel advocacy group accused of spying on Palestinians and anti-apartheid activists. Jewish Voice for Peace director Rebecca Vilkomerson says #DropTheADL
DATE: 2018-04-24 | LENGTH: 07:38

How the Massacre in Gaza became an Opportunity to Sell Israeli Weapons
Germany's Social-Democratic Party voted to lease Israeli attack drones, even though the German military does not need them and the deal is incredibly overpriced. TRNN's Shir Hever explains what lies behind this deal
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 06:50

India's Ruling Hindu-Nationalist Party Combines Fascism and Neoliberalism
RSS, the paramilitary wing of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, has its origins in fascism and Nazism, writer Amrit Wilson explains. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has combined BJP's Hindutva ideology with neoliberal capitalism
DATE: 2018-04-24 | LENGTH: 11:20

Trump, Corruption and the Crisis of the Global Elites
The first episode of "Unfit to Rule" examines the quagmire of corruption and political chaos affecting many governments around the world - most prominent the Mueller investigation of Trump; with Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 18:26

Economic Update: Struggling Against the System
This week's topics include: Updates on teachers' strikes; capitalism abuses facebook; colleges reward privilege and reproduce it; Shell Oil knew about fossil fuels and global warming for last 50 years; UK housing size shrinks; Sinclair Broadcasting traps employees
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 29:14

Cuba has a New President: Is he 'Fidelista' or 'Raulista'?
Miguel Diaz-Canel's rise to Cuba's presidency signifies a historic changing of the guard, as someone born after the 1959 revolution takes over. How he will deal with the twin challenges of continued US pressure and of rising inequality in Cuba is the big question
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 06:43



Is the Oil Industry Canada's 'Deep State'?
Justin Trudeau and Canada's political elite are fighting for the Tar Sands and oil industry's interests, even if it means that Canada misses its climate targets. We speak to Kevin Taft, ex-Liberal Party politician and author of 'Oil's Deep State.'
Honduras: The Never-Ending Coup
A special report from the hemisphere's most controversial Inauguration
Chuck Schumer: War Hawk or Progressive?
The Senate Democratic leader has tried to pivot to the left after Donald Trump's win in November, but how much of the progressive agenda has he adopted? - Cartoon by Baltimore's Tom Chalkley
Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science
Narrated by Danny Glover, A documentary special reveals how climate change science has been under systematic attack; the multi-million dollar campaign allowed a climate change denier to be elected president (a new version with updated content and music)
Documentary Special: Return to Kandahar - A film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira
Nelofer Pazira returns to Afghanistan in 2002 seeking her childhood friend Dyana who she thought had died living under Taliban rule. Through her search Nelofer unravels her past and the history of her country; Ottawa Citizen said the film was "as suspenseful as any drama. But it is also a shocking portrait of a nation still reeling from years of war, resistance and oppression."
Meet The Man Behind Cambridge Analytica, Who Made Trump President
TRNN Documentary: This is the story of Robert Mercer, the far-right billionaire that is a major investor in Cambridge Analytica that data scrubbed Facebook for Trump, brought Bannon to the White House, and made his daughter the major owner of Breitbart News and board member of Cambridge Analytica


India's Far-Right PM Modi Meets Protests in London
While India's Hindu-nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to Britain to sign a free trade deal, activist Amrit Wilson says the BJP government is stoking communal and sexual violence against women, Muslims, and Dalits
DATE: 2018-04-22 | LENGTH: 11:49

Why Black Lives Don't Matter: Q & A Session
A radical interpretation of U.S. History featuring Dr. Gerald Horne and Paul Coates
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 28:21

Laura Flanders: Workers, Wildcats & New Models for Labor Organizing
Laura talks to SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry (of Service Employees) and labor journalist Sarah Jaffe about worker wins, challenges, and some new models for organizing. Then, a conversation with Palak Shah and Michelle Miller on a new online platform
DATE: 2018-04-23 | LENGTH: 25:13

Why Black Lives Don't Matter: A Radical Interpretation of U.S. History
A discussion featuring Dr. Gerald Horne and Paul Coates
DATE: 2018-04-21 | LENGTH: 00:52

Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinians, Injure 40 on Israel's Independence Day
Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip continue to demonstrate even though they know they put their lives at risk because life in the "cage" that is Gaza is intolerable, says Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 12:03

Infamous Mercenary Erik Prince Being Considered to Build Trump's Foreign Army for Syria
Trump is asking Middle Eastern governments to build a military force to replace US troops in northeast Syria, and notorious war profiteer Erik Prince has been contacted for help. Medea Benjamin says the plan is scandalous.
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 12:21

Leaders of China and Japan to Meet -- Could Be a Game Changer
Dr. Gerald Horne says that Trump's trade policies and disregard for Japanese interests might push Japan into closer relations with China, which would change the global balance of power; with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 09:36

Marc Steiner Show: Chelsea Manning
Marc talks with whistle-blower, transgender activist, and candidate for U.S. Senate, Chelsea Manning about being homeless, transitioning in prison, and the decision to reveal U.S. military secrets
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 20:18

House Raid Illustrates How Baltimore Police Refuse to Take Black Residents Rights Seriously
An April 16 S.W.A.T. raid on a house full of grieving citizens points to how far the city is from true change or transparency
DATE: 2018-04-20

The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Show: April 20, 2018
The Baltimore Bureau reflects on the uprising following the death of Freddie Gray, the city's love affair with tax breaks, the State's Attorney's race, police and rap, and Johns Hopkins activists fighting against the CIA
DATE: 2018-04-21 | LENGTH: 52:07

Korean Peninsula in Historic Peace Talks - Thanks to Activists, Not Trump
South and North Korea are considering a peace treaty after six decades of war. Simone Chun says this is the result of years of grassroots organizing and protests
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 12:59

Teacher Strikes Continue to Spread - A Symptom of Public Education Underfunding
Teacher strikes continue to spread: from West Virginia, to Kentucky, to Arizona, to Oklahoma, and now to Colorado. However, they are not just about pay - they are a result of systematic tax cuts designed to decimate public education, says Negin Owliaei of the Institute for Policy Studies
DATE: 2018-04-19 | LENGTH: 07:58

IMF Says 2018 Economic Outlook is Rosy, But Austerity is Still Needed
The IMF just released a positive World Economic Outlook report for 2018. Still, in order to make sure that the outlook remains good, the IMF makes recommendation that would lead to recession, says CEPR's Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2018-04-19 | LENGTH: 14:27

Debunking the Myth of American Exceptionalism, with David Swanson
Anti-war writer and activist David Swanson discusses his new book Curing Exceptionalism, and picks apart the chauvinistic idea that the United States of America is the greatest country on the planet.
DATE: 2018-04-19 | LENGTH: 12:34

New Student Movement Seeks to Change Hopkins from Within
A student lead group called Youth Against War and Racism is partnering with the community to lead a fight against Hopkins' connection to government agencies like the CIA and end its role in military research
DATE: 2018-04-20 | LENGTH: 03:01

Corbyn: Does Strike on Syria Justify Bombing Saudi Arabia over Yemen?
Leftist leader of Britain's Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said the US-UK-France missile strike on Syria was "legally questionable," and its rationale could be used to justify bombing Saudi Arabia over its devastating war on Yemen
DATE: 2018-04-19 | LENGTH: 04:17

Fighting the Oligarchy Inside the Democratic Party
Paul Jay hosts a panel of activists organizing to challenge corporate Democrats in primaries leading up to the 2018 elections; with Justice Democrats' Alexandra Rojas, Moumita Ahmed of Millennials for Revolution and Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project-DC
DATE: 2018-04-19 | LENGTH: 19:48

Lopez Obrador's Lead Widens in Mexican Presidential Race Thanks to Trump
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's (AMLO) lead in the presidential race has been growing steadily, despite receiving attacks from Mexico's entire establishment, explains UNAM's John Ackerman
DATE: 2018-04-18 | LENGTH: 12:21




















House Raid Illustrates How Baltimore Police Refuse to Take Black Residents Rights Seriously
An April 16 S.W.A.T. raid on a house full of grieving citizens points to how far the city is from true change or transparency
DATE: 2018-04-20

The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Show: April 20, 2018
The Baltimore Bureau reflects on the uprising following the death of Freddie Gray, the city's love affair with tax breaks, the State's Attorney's race, police and rap, and Johns Hopkins activists fighting against the CIA
DATE: 2018-04-21

New Student Movement Seeks to Change Hopkins from Within
A student lead group called Youth Against War and Racism is partnering with the community to lead a fight against Hopkins' connection to government agencies like the CIA and end its role in military research
DATE: 2018-04-20

State's Attorney's Race: Thiru Vignarajah on Freddie Gray and Gun Trace Task Force
Candidate for State's Attorney Thiru Vignarajah talks about two of the big cases that have defined the incumbent's first term and discusses what he may have done differently
DATE: 2018-04-19

The Perils of Being a Prosecutor and a Politician
Marilyn Mosby's campaign office opened to both praise and protest last Saturday as she was assailed on one side by the supporters of Keith Davis Jr., who believe she is trying to wrongly imprison a man shot by police, and on the other by a former employee who believes she has allowed too many violent repeat offenders back on the streets to kill more Black men.
DATE: 2018-04-18

Activists Offer Palestinian and Kurdish Solidarity
A rally in Baltimore unpacked the complexities of Palestine and Kurdistan and connected the two to the larger global freedom struggle for self-determination.
DATE: 2018-04-17



John Bolton - Andrews McMeel


Looters - Tom Chalkley


Presidential Advisory Commision - Tom Chalkley


NRA - Tom Chalkley


The Elephant - Tom Chalkley


The Blue Wave - Tom Chalkley


The Book of Michael: Page 2 - Tom Chalkley


Pruitt's Secret Phone Booth - Tom Chalkley


The Grope Among Us - Tom Chalkley



Saudi engagement in Iraq: The exception that confirms the rule?
By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. Stepped up Saudi efforts to forge close diplomatic, economic and cultural ties to Shia-majority Iraq in a bid to counter significant Iranian influence in the country appear to be paying off. The Saudi initiative demonstrates the kingdom’s ability to engage rather than exclusively pursue a muscular, assertive and confrontational policy towards the Islamic republic and its perceived allies. It raises the question whether it is a one-off or could become a model for Saudi policy elsewhere in the region. The kingdom’s recent, far more sophisticated approach to Iraq is testimony to the fact that its ...

James M. Dorsey

“How Come?” Questions
by Andrew Levine / Counterpunch.
Photo by Elvert Barnes | CC BY 2.0 There are many reasons why American politics often seems more baffling than the politics of other so-called democracies. These would include un- and anti-democratic provisions enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and statutory law, the duopoly party system that the Democratic and Republican Parties have concocted over the years, and spillovers from the economic into the political realm. With increasing economic inequality and Supreme Court rulings that have turned “campaign contributions,” political corruption by another name, into Constitutionally protected free speech, the spillover problem has ...

Andrew Levine

The Victims in Gaza and Douma
By David William Pear. April 17, 2018 [First Published by The Greanville Post] In their book Manufacturing Consent Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky distinguished between two kinds of victims:  the worthy victims and the unworthy victims.  The “worthy victims” are the victims (real and alleged) of leaders on the U.S. enemies list, such as Bashar al-Assad.  The “unworthy victims” are those of the U.S. and its client states, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. led cabal calling itself the “international community” is outraged when there are worthy victims.  For example the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley holds up pictures ...

David William Pear

Bombing Syria would be both dangerous and illegal
By Mohamed Elmaazi / Open Democracy. Britain and its ‘Allies’ have helped arm warring Syrian factions, fuelled conflict, spurned refugees. Now they want to punish Assad’s alleged war crimes by committing war crimes of their own. Image: Kobani during bombing by US-led coalition in 2014. PA Images/Depo photos/ABACA, all rights reserved. Despite all the moral hand-wringing, international law forbids nations from attacking each other, outside of Security Council approval or in self-defence, and alleged use of chemical weapons is no exception. Western media and politicians are once again calling for our governments to commit what Nuremberg Judges labelled the “supreme in...

Mohamed Elmaazi

First Nations Leaders Pledge to Block Pipeline Expansion
Richard Fidler, Stewart Phillip and Serge Simon At the 2015 Paris COP 21 climate conference Justin Trudeau pledged his newly-elected government would help “to limit global average temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius as well as pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees.” The strategy adopted was two-pronged and contradictory on its face: implementing gradual carbon price increases through carbon taxes or cap-and-trade mechanisms while building more pipeline capacity to boost exports of fossil-fuel resources, especially the products of Alberta’s tar sands. Burnaby protest March 10 against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project. As ...

Richard Fidler, Stewart Phillip and Serge Simon

Fascistic Politics in India and the Left
By Raju Das / Socialist Project. India is experiencing something like a national emergency. This is in the form of persistent, nation-wide attacks on the basic democratic rights of ordinary citizens, by hyper-nationalist and communal forces which are supporting, and which are supported by, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They are especially targeting religious minorities, secularists, Leftists, as well as dalits. No political project hangs in the air. It must be rooted in material conditions and class relations. Indeed, fundamental to the worldview of the forces playing the politics of religion, is the idolization of free-market economics, and ...

Raju J Das

Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to “Russiagate” Enthusiasts -- Whether They Like It or Not
By Norman Solomon Politicians, pundits and activists who’ve routinely denounced President Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin can now mull over a major indicator of their cumulative impacts. The U.S.-led missile attack on Syria before dawn Saturday is the latest benchmark for gauging the effects of continually baiting Trump as a puppet of Russia’s president. Heavyweights of U.S. media -- whether outlets such as CNN and MSNBC or key newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post -- spent most of the last week clamoring for Trump to order air strikes on Syria. Powerful news organizations have ...

Norman Solomon

Climate Change and the Struggle Against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline
{iframe width="1000" height="600" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen}{/iframe} By Socilaist Project. Thousands have been pouring onto Vancouver streets, as well as protesting across Canada, against the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been attempting to square the impossible – expanding oil sands production and building pipelines while addressing climate change. The governments of BC and Canada have ignored theses issues, as well as wider questions about First Nations consultations and sovereignty claims, already in the cases of the Pacific Northwest LNG, Woodfibre LNG and the Site C Dam in BC. The recent Liberal announcements of ocea...

Socialist Project


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On Reality Asserts Itself, actor and climate activist Gabriel Byrne speaks of growing up in a working class family that was religious, Irish nationalist and where joining a seminary made parents proud. He came to understand the injustice of the life working men like his father faced; with host Paul Jay

Reality Asserts Itself - Thomas Frank

On Reality Asserts Itself, Thomas Frank author of "What's the Matter with Kansas" and "Listen Liberal", tells host Paul Jay that the Democratic Party serves the professional class and the top 10% and no longer cares about the poor or working class


Quick Hit Video: Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science
Watch full documentary
Quick Hit Video: Larry Wilkerson: North Korea is Not an Existential Threat - But Many People Benefit by Saying It Is
Col. Wilkerson and TRNN's Paul Jay discuss the underlying forces driving the U.S./North Korea confrontation Watch full story
Quick Hit Video: The New York Times Gives Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Free Advertising
It's 'incredible' that the New York Times gave former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince editorial space to suggest letting private mercenaries lead the war in Afghanistan, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Watch full story
Quick Hit Video: The Real Story of how Bannon and Trump Got to the White House
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