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Donald Trump and Liberal Media: The Joke's On You
Celebrity candidates and the liberal media have created a clown show that viewers can laugh at, but it's at your expense.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 03:15

Erratic Weather or Climate Change?
Meteorologist Bob Henson discusses the latest science regarding climate change and extreme weather, including what may be causes.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 10:41

Ending Mass Incarceration? The Shortcomings of Left-Right Coalition Politics (1/2)
Bret Grote, legal director of the Abolitionist Law Center, discusses Obama's call for criminal justice reform and the odd Left-Right coalition forming to carry it out.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 08:35

Will the Greek Left Unite to Oppose Austerity?
Dr. Panagiotis Sotiris, member of Antarsya, talks to Dimitri Lascaris about Syriza's failure to implement its anti-austerity program and the political options that are now available to the left in Greece
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 13:45

In Turkey, Kurds See Airstrikes and Protest Crackdowns as Political Revenge
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent airstrikes launched by Turkey against the Islamic State and Kurds in Iraq and Syria.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 07:50

Cornel West and Rick Wolff on White Supremacy and Capitalism
This week on The Laura Flanders Show, a conversation about capitalism with two brilliant minds, Cornel West and Richard D. Wolff, together in a rare joint appearance.
DATE: 2015-07-28 | LENGTH: 25:30

Economists Join the Fight For $15!
PERI Economist Bob Pollin talks about his new co-authored petition calling on economists to support an increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2020.
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 09:04

How the Greek Shipping Industry Schemed to Win Big in the Debt Crisis (2/2)
James Henry says it will be difficult to help Greece if global tax competition continues to make fair income taxation impossible
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 07:22

After 54 Years, US Isolated and Forced to Renew Diplomatic Relations With Cuba
Michael Ratner talks about the reopening of the Cuban embassy, and says the next steps include ending the embargo and returning Guantanamo
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 12:45




Dodd-Frank's 5th Anniversary Passes, But Should We Celebrate?
PERI Economist Gerald Epstein discusses his new co-authored report, "Banking From Financial Crisis to Dodd-Frank: Five Years On, How Much Has Changed?"
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 06:46

The Global African: Cook Up & Peace in Mali
Telesur's The Global African talks to Baltimore's D. Watkins about his path from drug dealer to acclaimed writer, and then examines a recent peace deal signed in Mali.
DATE: 2015-07-27 | LENGTH: 25:01

UN Reports Blasts Canada's Human Rights Record on Violence Against Indigenous Women
Aboriginal Legal Service of Toronto's Christa Big Canoe explains why government policies are leaving indigenous women four times more likely to be murdered than non-indigenous women - and what can be done about it
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 08:13

How the Greek Shipping Industry Schemed to Win Big in the Debt Crisis (1/2)
James Henry says Greek shipping tycoons created a pipeline for laundering billions of taxable income out of Greece and into Swiss bank accounts
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 06:58

Rap News: Immigrants! Feat. Donald Trump & Tony Abbott
Mass exoduses of people - refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers - are taking place all over the planet, causing tensions and tempers to rise.
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 07:09

Trump Cast as Perfect Ringleader of Corporate Media Circus
Despite outspending the world in elections, U.S. voter turnout is historically low because of media's focus on the interest of the elite, says University of Illinois Professor Robert McChesney
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 08:14


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Obama’s line on the Iran nuclear deal: A second false narrative
By Gareth Porter. This article was first published on Middle East Eye. Buying into the narrative that Iran is a rogue nuclear state could harm the thawing of relations between the country and the US I’m glad that the United ...

Gareth Porter

After the Iran Deal: Israel is Down But Far From Out
By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch.
Netanyahu Humiliated The Internet is a mixed blessing. One of its less welcome consequences, for Americans, is that newspapers have become hard to come by at the ...

Andrew Levine

Is the 'military option' on Iran off the table?
By Ray McGovern. This article was first published in the Baltimore Sun. If, as seems likely, President Barack Obama retains enough support to complete the nuclear deal with Iran, it will be largely because enough members of the House and ...

Ray McGovern

A short history of debt relief for the Germans
By Jayati Ghosh. This article was first published on The Hindu Business Line. Writing on the wall: The Germans should know debt write-off can help Greece grow     Greece bashers often forget that Germany was the major beneficiary of debt write-offs ...

Jayati Ghosh

GM and Kid Rock – A question of kissing a__
By Frank Hammer. In mid-July, a controversy broke out over General Motors bankrolling rock star Kid Rock concerts in the wake of the the downing of the confederate flag in So. Carolina, Alabama, and elsewhere.    The stink was raised by ...

Frank Hammer

Greece: Alternatives and Exiting the Eurozone
By Eric Toussaint. This article was first published on Socialist Project. On 5 July 2015, by a referendum initiated by the government of Alexis Tsipras and the Hellenic Parliament, the Greek people overwhelmingly rejected the austerity measures imposed by...

Eric Toussaint









Reality Asserts Itself - Catarina Principe

On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe talks about growing up in Portugal expecting the promise of the social state to be fulfilled, and becoming an activist in the fight against forces dismantling the achievements of the Portuguese revolution

Reality Asserts Itself - Chris Hedges

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges discusses his new book with Paul Jay; in part one they focus on the revolutionary significance of the life of Tom Paine, a man who understood the moral imperative of revolt and was willing to pay the price

Reality Asserts Itself - Salvatore Babones

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Babones, author of "Sixteen for '16", says while he grew up in a right-wing, conservative working-class family, social science brought him to progressive public policy conclusions



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Justice Department Details Investigation of Black Police Chief's Firing as Community Calls for Mayor's Resignation
Probe will include election irregularities and possible misuse of federal grants by Pocomoke city officials
DATE: 2015-07-24

Council Seeks to Change Park Named After Confederate General
Residents, council say mayor needs to move faster to take down symbols of the confederacy in a majority black city
DATE: 2015-07-21

Black Police Chief Makes Community Policing Work...Then Gets Fired
Despite record low crime, Lawyers for Kelvin Sewell says top cop was fired for refusing to terminate officers who filed discrimination complaints against Pocomoke City.
DATE: 2015-07-18

School That Served Low-Income Residents of Baltimore Sees Its Final Graduation
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway reports on the closing of Sojourner-Douglass College amid allegations of financial mismanagement
DATE: 2015-07-15

Freddie Gray's Community Restores Its Basketball Courts
Eddie Conway talks to Baltimore residents in Gilmor Homes about their collective efforts to restore a neglected part of their community.
DATE: 2015-07-14

Why Was Baltimore's Police Chief Fired?
Paul Jay asks veteran cops Neill Franklin and Kenneth Butler if Batts was thrown under the bus to appease the police union
DATE: 2015-07-13



Clinton & the Coup: Amid Protests in Honduras, Ex-President on Hillary's Role in His 2009 Ouster
2015-07-28 12:13:27

Rachel Maddow - Sanders, Trump campaigns defy conventional wisdom
2015-07-28 12:11:52

Dirty Secret: What Fox News is about to do to Republican Party
2015-07-28 12:07:35

Turkish Kurds protest against airstrikes and mass arrests
2015-07-27 11:35:52

Is Far Right Rising in Poland?: Rival rallies in Warsaw for and against immigration
2015-07-27 11:28:24

Sign of Things to Come: Wildfires take hold in Spain and France
2015-07-27 11:03:03


Highly Entertaining Protest: Oil spill with your Shakespeare?
2015-07-28 12:28:57

The Nightly Show - Mess Within Texas - Sandra Bland's Arrest
2015-07-28 12:24:22

The Nightly Show - Word Blerd - Tonight's Word: Rapist
2015-07-28 12:17:11

Bill Maher VS Donald Trump - The Full Story
2015-07-27 12:25:55

Fox N' Friends: Schools 'Brainwashing' Kids with 'Meatless Monday' Plot
2015-07-27 11:13:16

Trump For President: The Board Game
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