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Mark Weisbrot

Mark Weisbrot is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

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1 Brazilian Presidential Hopeful’s US Trip Ends in Failure
2 The Trump Sanctions Against Venezuela: Is Economic Recovery Possible?
3 Strangling Puerto Rico in Order to Save It
4 Brazil’s Most Popular Leader Has Been Convicted of Corruption on Flimsy Evidence
5 Could a Leftist Bring Growth Back to France?
6 NAFTA: 20 years of regret for Mexico
7 MEDIA HATE FEST FOR VENEZUELA KEEPS ON KEEPIN' ON Although Chavez isn't perfect, his villainisation in Western media is perplexing,, The Real News Network, Real News Network, The Real News, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of Independent World Television inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and The Real News Network.

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