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Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

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1 Senate Debates Billions for Insurers while Public Demands Medicare for All
2 Newsletter: Climate Breakdown
3 Single payer movement criticizes Sanders
4 As US Empire Fails, Trump Enters A Quagmire
5 New Campaign: Close All US Military Bases On Foreign Soil
6 Corbyn Teaches To Embrace Change We Need
7 The TPP is Dead: The People Defeat Transnational Corporate Power
8 To Understand The Presidential Primaries, Recognize The Impact Of Movements
9 Spread The Word: TPP Is Toxic Political Poison That Politicians Should Avoid
10 The ‘US Way of War’ from Columbus to Kunduz
11 Not Over Yet, Some Tough Votes Ahead on Fast Track
12 Be Devoted To Justice Not To Order
13 Agent Orange Funding Opens Door To US Militarism And Covert Action In Vietnam
14 Stop The Fast Track To A Future Of Global Corporate Rule
15 Fast Track Not A Done Deal, The People Will Stop It
16 USTR Protests Demand: Stop The Secrecy, Release The Texts
17 Dramatic Correlation Shown Between GMOs And 22 Diseases
18 Popular Resistance Newsletter: A Case Study In People Power
19 What will it Take to Create Climate Justice?
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