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Andrew Levine

ANDREW LEVINE is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, the author most recently of THE AMERICAN IDEOLOGY (Routledge) and POLITICAL KEY WORDS (Blackwell) as well as of many other books and articles in political philosophy. His most recent book is In Bad Faith: What’s Wrong With the Opium of the People. He was a Professor (philosophy) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Research Professor (philosophy) at the University of Maryland-College Park. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press).

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41 The System is Rigged (Only Not in the Way Trump Thinks)
42 Could Hillary Lose?
43 The Dream is Over: Bye, Bye Bernie
44 In Praise of Riotous Assembly
45 Hillary: Ordinarily Awful or Uncommonly Awful?
46 Bernie’s Tragic Flaw: Too Soft on Clinton
47 Hillary’s Victory and Next to Last Hurrah
48 Hard Times Ahead for the Israel Lobby (Thank Sanders and Trump)
49 Hillary’s Gun Gambit
50 Why Not Hillary?
51 What is the Democratic Party Good For? Absolutely Nothing
52 One Small Step for Bernie, One Giant Leap for Humankind
53 Liberals for Hillary: There is Nothing Stranger
54 Will 2016 be a Pivotal Election Year in the United States?
55 Could Hillary Clinton be Worse Than Trump?
56 Voting With Your Head: Against Hillary
57 Party Loyalty in an Election Year Gone Mad
58 RIP Scalia: Bye, Bye Tony Two-Vote
59 Team Clinton: Fools, Damn Fools and Democrats
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