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Andrew Levine

ANDREW LEVINE is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, the author most recently of THE AMERICAN IDEOLOGY (Routledge) and POLITICAL KEY WORDS (Blackwell) as well as of many other books and articles in political philosophy. His most recent book is In Bad Faith: What’s Wrong With the Opium of the People. He was a Professor (philosophy) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Research Professor (philosophy) at the University of Maryland-College Park. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press).

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61 Liberals for Hillary: There is Nothing Stranger
62 Will 2016 be a Pivotal Election Year in the United States?
63 Could Hillary Clinton be Worse Than Trump?
64 Voting With Your Head: Against Hillary
65 Party Loyalty in an Election Year Gone Mad
66 RIP Scalia: Bye, Bye Tony Two-Vote
67 Team Clinton: Fools, Damn Fools and Democrats
68 What Next in the War on Clintonism?
69 Hillary Says the Darndest Things
70 Smash Clintonism: Why Democrats, Not Republicans, are the Problem
71 Inevitability Lost: the Clintonites Strike Back
72 With the Specter of Clinton Looming: Rethinking Bernie
73 The Difference a Year Makes: a Reason to Hope?
74 Opportunistic Islamophobia
75 Political Correctness Again/ Suddenly; It’s 1990, Sort Of
76 Moral Monsters: What al-Baghdadi and Hitler Do and Do Not Have in Common
77 The Age of Stupidity is Upon Us
78 Protests in the Ivies: Whatever Happened to Irreverence and Thick Skins?
79 The Real Trouble With Bernie
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