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Andrew Levine

ANDREW LEVINE is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, the author most recently of THE AMERICAN IDEOLOGY (Routledge) and POLITICAL KEY WORDS (Blackwell) as well as of many other books and articles in political philosophy. His most recent book is In Bad Faith: What’s Wrong With the Opium of the People. He was a Professor (philosophy) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Research Professor (philosophy) at the University of Maryland-College Park. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press).

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81 In Syria, Obama is Playing a Losing Game
82 The New Repression: If Only Sanders Were More of a Corbyn and Less of a Clinton
83 The Nixon Connection: Why Black Lives Still Don’t Matter
84 A Bad Summer for Miscreants: AIPAC and GOP Grandees Take a Hit
85 Compassionate Conservatism: a Reconsideration and an Appreciation
86 Viva Trump?
87 Anti-Hillary: Across the Spectrum
88 AIPAC: Headed for Defeat (But That’s Not Why It’s Bad for the Jews)
89 How Pathetic! Why Donald Trump May be the Best Thing Going
90 The Logic of Illlogic: Narrow Self-Interest Keeps Israel’s “Existential Threats” Alive
91 After the Iran Deal: Israel is Down But Far From Out
92 Greek Lessons for Americans
93 The Greeks Fight Back: Oxi to Austerity
94 Dumping on Dixie Again
95 The Election Blues Again
96 No Need to Abandon All Hope … Yet
97 America Breaks the Middle East
98 How the Saudis Wag the Dog
99 Elections: What Are They Good For?
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