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Corbyn Allies in Labour Attacked For Supporting Palestinian Struggle
The strategy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party includes, charging his supporters with anti-semitism and then suspending them, says Richard Kuper of Jewish Voice for Labour.
DATE: 2018-03-18 | LENGTH: 20:12

Kochs and ALEC Behind Criminalization of Dissent Bills in Five States
Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma,Wyoming, Minnesota and Louisiana have introduced or passed legislation to criminalize environmental dissent. There is evidence that bill mill organizations such as ALEC and the bipartisan group Council of State Governments (CSG) had their hand in shaping these bills says investigative journalist Steve Horne.
DATE: 2018-03-18 | LENGTH: 11:49

West's Anti-Russian Fervor Will Help Putin Win Election On Sunday
As Russia heads into a presidential election on Sunday, Vladimir Putin's popularity soars with every accusation and sanction Western countries hurl against him, says Prof. Alexander Buzgalin
| LENGTH: 16:35

Stephen Hawking: Fighter for Progressive Politics
Scientist Stephen Hawking spoke out against wars, called for action against climate change, and defended socialist programs - Ben Norton reports.
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 04:55

Paul Jay: Threats facing Humanity, Russiagate & the Role of Independent Media
In this interview with the senior editor and founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, acTVism examines the threats facing humanity today, Russiagate and what issues independent media outlets should be prioritizing
DATE: 2018-03-16 | LENGTH: 19:17

Corbyn Smeared as 'Russian Stooge' for Requesting Evidence on Poisoned Spy
While harshly condemning the Salisbury nerve agent attack, the Labour Party's leftist leader requested evidence that the Russian government carried it out. A deluge of smears followed.
DATE: 2018-03-16 | LENGTH: 06:27

Chief in Charge of Internal Affairs To Retire from Baltimore Police
Rodney Hill, who was in charge of the BPD's troubled Internal Affairs Department, is stepping down under new commissioner
DATE: 2018-03-16

Corbyn Calls for Evidence in Escalating Poison Row
For requesting evidence of Russian culpability in the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced by PM Theresa May and even members of his own party. We discuss the case with Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at New York University and Princeton
DATE: 2018-03-16 | LENGTH: 09:51

Sanders Resolution Against War in Yemen Challenged by Mattis
Senators introduced legislation that would undermine the Sanders-Lee resolution to stop US support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. "They're trying to provide cover for just a handful of senators so they can vote for this instead of the Sanders Lee bill," says CEPR's Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2018-03-16 | LENGTH: 12:16



Is the Oil Industry Canada's 'Deep State'?
Justin Trudeau and Canada's political elite are fighting for the Tar Sands and oil industry's interests, even if it means that Canada misses its climate targets. We speak to Kevin Taft, ex-Liberal Party politician and author of 'Oil's Deep State.'
Honduras: the Never-Ending Coup
A special report from the hemisphere's most controversial Inauguration
Chuck Schumer: War Hawk or Progressive?
The Senate Democratic leader has tried to pivot to the left after Donald Trump's win in November, but how much of the progressive agenda has he adopted? - Cartoon by Baltimore's Tom Chalkley
Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science
Narrated by Danny Glover, A documentary special reveals how climate change science has been under systematic attack; the multi-million dollar campaign allowed a climate change denier to be elected president (a new version with updated content and music)
Documentary Special: Return to Kandahar - A film by Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira
Nelofer Pazira returns to Afghanistan in 2002 seeking her childhood friend Dyana who she thought had died living under Taliban rule. Through her search Nelofer unravels her past and the history of her country; Ottawa Citizen said the film was "as suspenseful as any drama. But it is also a shocking portrait of a nation still reeling from years of war, resistance and oppression."
The Bizarre Billionaire that Backed Bannon and Made Trump President
TRNN Documentary: This is the story of Robert Mercer, the far-right billionaire that made Trump president, brought Bannon to the White House, and has now made his daughter the major owner of Breitbart News


Senate Expands 'Lobbyist Bill' to Deregulate Real Estate
New measures added to the financial deregulation bill include the deregulation of commercial real estate, which threatens to re-create the conditions that led to the 2008 financial crisis, says Bill Black
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 11:09

Expressions of Afro-Asian Solidarity during the Cold War
Black American radical intellectuals such as Paul Robeson and W.E.B Du Bois expressed their solidarity with Communist China to form a worldwide coalition against racial capitalism.
DATE: 2018-03-16 | LENGTH: 11:19

Economic Benefits of Tax Cuts Should Have Arrived - Where Are They?
Businesses have had plenty of time to take Trump's corporate tax cuts into account for their investment plans. However, as CEPR's Dean Baker reports, this has not happened. Instead, they spent their tax windfall on stock buybacks
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 09:41

Trump's Tariff Travesty Will Not Re-Industrialize the US
Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs will only make it more difficult for US producers that depend on these resources, while also initiating trade retaliation from trade partners says Michael Hudson
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 12:30

Is Another World Possible? - Leo Panitch on RAI (4/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Leo Panitch says it's a dilemma that the gradualism of European social-democracy and attempts at a more radical transformation have so far both failed; Panitch says a first step towards democratizing the economy is to make finance a public utility - with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 26:44

Students Demand Leaders Address the Root Causes of Gun Violence
As part of #Enough, the National School Walkout, hundreds of Baltimore high school students marched to demand gun control, increased accountability for the police force, and more funding for the school system
DATE: 2018-03-14 | LENGTH: 03:45

Far-Right Ministers in Chile's New Government Placed in Sensitive Positions
Chile's newly inaugurated president Sebastian Pinera attempts to move the country to the right, but faces important constraints from social movements that vow to resist his government, explains Prof. Rene Rojas
DATE: 2018-03-15 | LENGTH: 13:39

Israeli Military Strangles Its Own Weapons Manufacturer to Privatize It
Elbit Systems bought IMI at a bargain price because managers made sure the company was poorly run to provide an excuse for privatization, explains TRNN's Shir Hever
DATE: 2018-03-14 | LENGTH: 16:42

Not Without Black Women
Women in Baltimore work to amplify their voices and call for inclusion.
DATE: 2018-03-14 | LENGTH: 06:19

Newly Tapped Sec of State Mike Pompeo Comes with Deep Ties to the Koch Brothers
"If I were on the confirmation committee, I would be asking Mike Pompeo exactly how much money the Koch network has invested in him that has not been publicly disclosed," says Lisa Graves of Documented
DATE: 2018-03-13 | LENGTH: 07:35

The CIA's New Torturer-in-Chief
Gina Haspel, President Trump's new pick to head the CIA, has played a key role in the agency's torture program -- and in covering it up, says Marcy Wheeler
DATE: 2018-03-13 | LENGTH: 09:47

Anti-Pipeline Indigenous 'Mass Mobilization' Has Begun
In what may become the 'Standing Rock of the North', thousands protest Kinder Morgan's Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion, which would carry more toxic tar sands through First Nation territories
DATE: 2018-03-14 | LENGTH: 04:21

UN Rapporteur: US Sanctions Cause Death in Venezuela
Over 150 intellectuals and activists signed an open letter urging the US and Canada to stop their economic sanctions on Venezuela, which are making the country's economic problems worse. Special UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas is a signer and visited Venezuela late last year
DATE: 2018-03-14 | LENGTH: 22:08

Colombia's Conservatives Make Gains in Congress Vote Amid Fraud Allegations
Low turnout and fraud allegations mar Colombia's congressional vote, which gave conservatives a greater control over the legislature. If right-wing Ivan Duque also wins the presidency in May, it would spell the end of Colombia's peace process explains Mario Murillo
DATE: 2018-03-13 | LENGTH: 10:27

Wilkerson: Trump Won't Make Peace with North Korea
It is possible to make a peace deal that would denuclearize North Korea, but don't expect Donald Trump to deliver it, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
DATE: 2018-03-12 | LENGTH: 17:56

The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Class Struggle in the UK Labour Party - RAI with Leo Panitch (3/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Panitch talks about how the Labour Party moved from being a Tony Blair party of class reconciliation and war, to a truly left mass party with more than 600,000 members that may take power
DATE: 2018-03-13 | LENGTH: 23:55

Western Governments Whitewash Saudi Dictator MBS as 'Reformer'
While the U.S. and European governments claim Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is dedicated to "reform," analyst Ali al-Ahmed says this is propaganda that covers up his crimes in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
DATE: 2018-03-12 | LENGTH: 10:48

US Cowardice Prevents Middle East Peace
A majority of United Nations members support a just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but U.S. political cowardice and the influential Israel Lobby thwart it, says veteran UN correspondent Ian Williams
DATE: 2018-03-13 | LENGTH: 13:01



















Chief in Charge of Internal Affairs To Retire from Baltimore Police
Rodney Hill, who was in charge of the BPD's troubled Internal Affairs Department, is stepping down under new commissioner
DATE: 2018-03-16

Students Demand Leaders Address the Root Causes of Gun Violence
As part of #Enough, the National School Walkout, hundreds of Baltimore high school students marched to demand gun control, increased accountability for the police force, and more funding for the school system
DATE: 2018-03-14

Not Without Black Women
Women in Baltimore work to amplify their voices and call for inclusion.
DATE: 2018-03-14

Bills to Ban Styrofoam and Crude Oil Terminals Pass Baltimore City Council
Activists expect the mayor to support the styrofoam ban and wonder whether she will do the same for the ban on crude oil terminals
DATE: 2018-03-13

What A Private Police Force Would Mean For Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore
Students mobilize against Baltimore institution Johns Hopkins University as it considers establishing its own private police force, with worries about corruption, racial profiling, and occupation and no input from student body or the local community
DATE: 2018-03-13

Baltimore Mayor Challenges Police Union to 'Give Respect'
In a wide ranging 'state of the city' address Mayor Catherine Pugh touted holistic approaches to violence reduction and demands the FOP allow civilian control of internal disciplinary boards
DATE: 2018-03-13



The Blue Wave - Tom Chalkley


Pruitt's Secret Phone Booth - Tom Chalkley


The Book of Michael: Page 2 - Tom Chalkley


Presidential Advisory Commision - Tom Chalkley


NRA - Tom Chalkley


The Elephant - Tom Chalkley


The Grope Among Us - Tom Chalkley


Breathtaking Entertainment - Tom Chalkley


Strange Creatures of Denial - Tom Chalkley



The CIA's 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers
By Robert Scheer / Alternet. "They drank the Kool-Aid and thought they were saving freedom" Photo Credit: MuckRock Joel Whitney’s new book, “Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers,” explores how the CIA influenced acclaimed writers and publications during the Cold War to produce subtly anti-communist material. During the interview, Scheer and Whitney discuss these manipulations and how the CIA controlled major news agencies and respected literary publications (such as the Paris Review). Their talk comes at a particularly tense time in American politics, as accusations of fake news and Russian propaganda fly ...

Robert Scheer

Good Enemies Are Hard To Find: Therefore Worry
By Andrew Levine / Counterpunch.
Why is the American political class so intent on reviving the Cold War?   Why does Israel have it in for Iran? These are complicated questions; many factors are involved. But there is “a fact of life,” as it were, that bears on the answers to both questions: that to keep their regimes – their distinctive ways of organizing cultural, economic, and political institutions — going, the United States and Israel need enemies, and the ones most readily at hand no longer seem up to the task. One reason why Russia has again become ...

Andrew Levine

By Vijay Prashad. Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you from Beirut, Lebanon, where the sun is shining brightly and the air is crisp. Not far from here, in the east of Damascus, the war in Syria continues. It is not a war that has disappeared from the consciousness of people who live in this land, where war has marked its landscape and its sensibility. A few years ago, a police chief of Beirut had told me that its civil war (1975-1990) had merely entered into a long half-time break. There is always ...

Vijay Prashad

All Hands on Deck: The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike
By Jane McAlevey / Socialist Project. Dignity and respect are the root cause of every serious labor struggle. This was certainly the case in West Virginia’s unprecedented nine-day statewide education strike. When the workers won this past Tuesday, singing and dancing erupted among the thousands who packed the state capitol. Their final chant before leaving the building was, “Who made history? We made history!” The strike produced a string of significant victories, not all of which are immediately tangible. Perhaps most significantly, it restored the dignity of 34,000 workers, rebuilding the pride of West Virginia’s ...

Jane McAlevey

Turkey’s Privatization of Sugar Factories
By Kubilay Cenk / Socialist Project. On February 21, a notice was released in Turkey’s Official Gazette (Resmi Gazete) stating that bids will be collected for Turkey’s state-owned fourteen sugar plants. According to Directorate of Privatization Administration’s (OIB) announcement, sugar plants in the provinces of Afyon, Alpullu, Bor, Burdur, Çorum, Elbistan, Erzincan, Erzurum, Ilgın, Kastamonu, Kırşehir, Muş, Turhal and Yozgat will be privatized. The Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP – Justice and Development Party) government, which has looted and made benefits of public-enterprises available to both national and international capital, seeks new privatization ...

Kubilay Cenk

The Threats, Real and Imagined, of Mexico’s Election
By Mark Weisbrot / CEPR In less than five months, Mexico will have a presidential election that is mostly being described by US and international media commentators as a perilous undertaking. For some, it is part of a “perfect storm” that could wreak havoc on the Mexican economy (together with Trump’s tax reform and threats to NAFTA); for the business press, there is a threat to foreign investment, especially in the state-owned oil industry, which has had an unprecedented opening to such investment since 2013; and for other observers, it is a threat to th...

Mark Weisbrot

End Times Coming?
By Andrew Levine / Counterpunch. Photo by olavXO | CC BY 2.0 Donald Trump has been losing it a lot lately, mentally decomposing.  The more he does, the more likely it becomes that the world will end with a bang.  We cannot rule out a whimper, however – not with the Commander-in-Chief’s mind, what there is of it, fluttering hither and yon. Or maybe Providence has something more Biblical in store. In the Book of Revelation, six hundred sixty-six is “the mark of the beast.”  For some two thousand years, that number has been associated with the Anti-Christ ...

Andrew Levine

Smoking and drinking: Churchill sets an example today’s Western leaders can learn from
By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. To understand that Western emphasis on human rights is at best a fig leaf to do business with autocrats whose rule is based on repression, contrast Winston Churchill’s encounter with Mohammed bin Salman’s grandfather, King Abdulaziz, with British prime minister Theresa May’s recent talks with the crown prince. Meeting the king for lunch in Cairo in 1945, Mr. Churchill suggested that it was the “religion of his majesty to deprive himself of smoking and alcohol,” a reference to the king’s adherence to a puritanical strand of Islam that has dominated the kingdom since its founding ...

James M. Dorsey


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Reality Asserts Itself - Leo Panitch

On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Leo Panitch talks about the political culture of his family, shaped in Winnipeg's radical Jewish community before and after World War Two; Labor Zionists, Social Democrats and Communists debated and organized within the Jewish working class movement - with host Paul Jay

Reality Asserts Itself - Gabriel Byrne

On Reality Asserts Itself, actor and climate activist Gabriel Byrne speaks of growing up in a working class family that was religious, Irish nationalist and where joining a seminary made parents proud. He came to understand the injustice of the life working men like his father faced; with host Paul Jay

Reality Asserts Itself - Thomas Frank

On Reality Asserts Itself, Thomas Frank author of "What's the Matter with Kansas" and "Listen Liberal", tells host Paul Jay that the Democratic Party serves the professional class and the top 10% and no longer cares about the poor or working class









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