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  • Eastern Ukraine Lacks Political Representation in Kiev

    Derek Monroe says that Russian military presence along the western border is more defensive than aggressive; that the country is likely to remain unified; and the new transitional government continues an oligarchic rule that does not represent the interests of ordinary eastern or western Ukrainians

      April 15, 14

    Demystifying the Role of Mitigation in the Most Recent IPCC Report

    Anthony Patt and Shreekant Gupta, authors of the IPCC's third working group report, say that the report should not be seen as endorsing carbon capture and storage or geo-engineering as the sole or most effective solutions, and that the summary report failed to bring attention to largest per capita emitters of carbon dioxide like the US

      April 15, 14

    Hypersurveillance State Won't Prevent Another Boston Marathon Bombing

    One year after the Boston Marathon bombing, the ACLU's Kade Crockford questions whether the surveillance practices of law enforcement and an increasingly militarized police force will prevent terrorism

      April 15, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela from 1973 to the Caracazo Massacre - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (3/9)

    Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from the rise of neo-liberal capitalism to the suppression and slaughter of protesters against it

      April 15, 2014

    Univ. of Maine Faculty Reinstated After Students Protest Against Cuts

    USM Assistant Professor Meghan Brodie and USM student Meaghan LaSala discuss how this victory shows there are efficient ways to fill the $14 million budget gap without eroding the academic core

      April 15, 14

    LATEST STORIES see all→

    The Modern History of Venezuela from 1908 to 1973 - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (2/9)
    Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from dictatorship to attempts at democratic governments and back

    IMF Will Address Global Inequality, Says Managing Director Christine Lagarde
    Deborah James: Inequality is unlikely to be addressed or achieved through existing IMF policies

    Raising Big Banks' Leverage Ratio Good, But Not Nearly Enough
    Forcing big banks to increase capital on hand will make another taxpayer bailout less likely, but it's still business as usual for Wall Street

    TRNN Replay: Austerity Road to 19th Century
    James Crotty: Right-wing billionaires use crisis to weaken social safety net

    Has Palestinian Maneuvering Revived Peace Talks?
    Lia Tarachansky and Shir Hever interview journalist Daoud Kuttab on how Mahmoud Abbas' maneuvering may have led to talks extending

    Late Jackson Mayor Lumumba's Son Wins Primary to Replace His Father, Runoff Election Ahead
    Kali Akuno discusses developments in the race to replace late Jackson mayor Chokwe Lumumba and the upcoming Jackson Rising conference

    Quebecers Reject PQ and Elect a Liberal Government Representing Big Business
    Leo Panitch: "PQ fronting Pierre Peladeau as a their star candidate blew up in their faces"

    TRNN Debate: Decriminalization vs. Legalization
    As Maryland is poised to become the next state to decriminalize marijuana, MD Delegate Keiffer Jackson Mitchell and LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin debate whether it can end the racial disparity in drug-related arrests

    The Beginning of the Chavez Era - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (4/9)
    Mr. Lander, with host Paul Jay, traces the events that set the stage for the Bolivarian Revolution and the Chavez era of Venezuela

    Reality Asserts Itself see all→

    From Exile to Radicalization in Venezuela - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (1/9)
    Mr. Lander tells Paul Jay that in '98, when he saw the whole of the establishment getting together to defeat Chavez, he voted for him even though he had a lot of reasons not to like him
    We Need to Harness People Power - Andy Shallal on Reality Asserts Itself (4/4)
    Mr. Shallal says at the local level is where you can make a change. It's very hard to expect change on the national level.
    DC School Test Scores Up, But Poor Black Kids Are Doing Worse - Andy Shallal on RAI (3/4)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Shallal says we went from No Child Left Behind under the Bush era to no kid left untested, then to no teacher left unstressed, and our schools are still doing very poorly
    An American Should be One that Questions Their Government - Andy Shallal on RAI (2/4)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Shallal tells Paul Jay how speaking out against war led to his passion about schools
    Being the "Other" in America - Andy Shallal on Reality Asserts Itself (1/4)
    Mr. Shallal, owner of Busboys and Poets restaurants and candidate for DC mayor, tells Paul Jay that after coming to America as a child, the shocking death of MLK led him to discover how much race permeates everything
    Why Didn't Bush/Cheney Attack Iran and Can Obama Make and Sell a Deal? - Gareth Porter on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
    Mr. Porter tells Paul Jay that the American security state was and is against war with Iran, but if Obama doesn't break with the false narrative about Iran's nuclear program, he may not be able to sell a deal

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    Who Goes To Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Injustice Gap From Wall Street to Main Street (Part 1 of 2)

    Award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi is out with an explosive new b...

    Who Goes To Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Injustice Gap From Wall Street to Main Street (Part 2 of 2)

    Award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi is out with an explosive new b...

    Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies
    Chris Hedges talks about the existential challenges faced by the human...

    Political Humorsee all →

    Fox\'s Year Of Shielding Corporations And The Rich From Taxes
    Over the past year, Fox News has relentlessly resisted any efforts to ...
    Bill O\'Reilly \"Freedom is Responsible for Gun Crime\"
    Bill O\'Reilly blames gun crime on \"Freedom\" we beg to differ. S...
    Crimea: Media War Games - feat. Abby Martin [RAP NEWS 23]
    RAP NEWS 23: CRIMEA MEDIA WAR-GAMES: Following on from an extremely s...



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