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Corbyn Wins Leadership, But Can He Unite the Labour Party?
The media's depiction of the party opposition to Corbyn as 'centrist' is a cover for how right-wing it actually is, says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 13:17

Danny Glover on the Struggle for Democracy in Haiti
In the lead up to the elections on October 9, actor and activist Danny Glover talks about the two US-backed coups in Haiti and why he's supporting Dr. Maryse Narcisse of the Fanmi Lavalas Party
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 18:08

Should Third Parties Be Included in Televised Debates?
Maryland Green Party Senate Candidate Margaret Flowers says most people are looking for alternatives to Trump and Clinton
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 08:06

Anti-BDS Campaign Aims to Undermine Academic Freedom and Free Speech on Palestine
Investigations into claims of anti-Semitism among Palestine solidarity groups often find the claims to be unfounded, says Dima Khalidi of Palestine Legal
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 12:11

Ecuador Proposes Worldwide Elimination of Tax Havens
Tax havens do enormous damage to economies around the world, explains Ecuador's foreign minister Guillaume Long
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 25:14

Why the Federal Reserve Needs To Go Beyond Interest Rate Policy
The long-term decline of the U.S. economy won't be reversed until there's movement towards greater public investment, protections for workers, and a higher minimum wage, says PERI co-director Gerald Epstein
DATE: 2016-09-26 | LENGTH: 13:22



'Hands Dripping with the Blood of the Afghan People': US Agrees to Pardon and Reward Warlord
The peace deal amounts to a bribe for warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to not commit crimes and terrorism, says Sonali Kolhatkar, host of "Rising Up With Sonali" on KPFA
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 10:11

Recall Referendum on Maduro Moves to Next Phase in spite of "Irregularities"
Venezuelans are hoping for the political process to follow the constitution, says Jeanette Charles of Venezuela Analysis
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 08:56

Gary Johnson Supporters: Privatize Everything, But Not the Commission on Presidential Debates
On Wednesday, around 200 supporters of libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson protested outside of the Commission on Presidential Debates headquarters in Washington, DC for the private, non-profit's decision to exclude Johnson along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein from the debates
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 05:50

TPP Will Effectively Kill Climate Treaties
The Trans-Pacific Partnership will undermine the ability of countries to control polluting and extractive industries, says Ben Lilliston
DATE: 2016-09-25 | LENGTH: 12:08

US National Security Policy for Climate Change Seeks Security for Corporate-Controlled Assets
Nick Buxton, co-editor of 'The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations Are Shaping a Climate Changed World,' says the military's prime concern is the continuation of its global imperial footprint
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 13:09

U.S. Policy in Syria: Regime Change or Regime 'Facelift'?
Ashley Smith says Assad and the international players in Syria share a common goal: undermine popular revolt
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 19:25

Berlin Election Outcome Signals Merkel's Tenuous Grip on Chancellorship
The Social Democrats and Greens might attempt to partner with left parties in order to stay in power, says Victor Grossman
DATE: 2016-09-23 | LENGTH: 16:01

Charlotte Protests Escalate as Police Refuse to Release Video
The National Guard was called in after a second night of unrest following the killing of Keith Scott, who protestors believe was unarmed at the time of his shooting by a police officer
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 03:42

Dangers of the Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger
The resulting merger will push a model of agriculture that forgoes advantageous local ecological practices and jeopardizes the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, warns Global Justice Now's Heidi Chow
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 10:47

Police Killings from Charlotte to Tulsa Spark Calls for Boycotts and Justice
The Real News brings the latest on the police killings of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Terrance Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which took place 95 years after the Tulsa Race Riots
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 04:40

SEC Accusations Against US Billionaire Highlights Centrality of Insider Trading to Hedge Fund Profits
Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses the case of Leon Cooperman, who once accused Obama of unfair treatment of the rich
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 10:51

MST Occupies Government Building in Salvador, Bahia
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with MST activists about the political and economic crisis in Brazil
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 05:29

Baltimore City Council Candidate: Neighbors Need to Organize to Change the City
Running for city council for the 7th district as part of Ujima People's Progress Party - Maryland's first Black workers-led electoral party - Nnamdi Scott discusses Baltimore police aerial surveillance, bold new creative leadership, and mass mobilization.
DATE: 2016-09-22 | LENGTH: 09:30

Israeli Arms Industry Faces Existential Threat in New US Aid Agreement
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now fighting to remove the influence of the military and security elite from the political process now that Israel can no longer finance its arms industry through US aid, says political economist Shir Hever
DATE: 2016-09-20 | LENGTH: 13:05



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The Left Underestimates the Danger of Trump
By Arun Gupta. This article was first published on Portside. This election is a choice between two movements. Movements like Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, low-wage workers, and immigrant rights. Or Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and the Alt-Right back...

Arun Gupta

The Meaning of the Trump Surge
By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. Joseph Sohm | The news is full of it – literally and figuratively: Trump is surging in the polls, especially in so-called battleground states. Is it time to worry? Indeed, ...

Andrew Levine

France and the Struggle over Labour Reforms
By Maxime Benatouil. This article was first published on Socialist Project. The so-called Labour Law, passed en force by the French government on 20 July, is the most serious attack against the “Code du Travail,” already undermined for ...

Maxime Benatouil

As Tribes Fight Pipeline, Internal AFL-CIO Letter Exposes 'Very Real Split' Published on Thursday,
By Jon Queally. This article was first published on Common Dreams. Leaked letter circulated within nation's largest labor federation illustrates troubling disconnect when what working people deserve and what climate science compels are actually the same thing The AFL-C...

Jon Queally

AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead
By Norman Solomon At a meeting with the deputy political director of the AFL-CIO during my campaign for Congress, she looked across her desk and told me that I could get major union support by coming out ...

Norman Solomon

America’s New Demons and the Second Coming of the Neocons
By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. The horror of a Clinton v. Trump election is making everybody who pays attention a little crazy. Not paying attention isn’t easy – not with everybody hooked into ...

Andrew Levine










Reality Asserts Itself - Peter Kuznick

With vague language about evil in his Hiroshima speech, President Obama essentially defended the mythology that the nuclear attack "saved lives" - says historian Peter Kuznick on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay

Reality Asserts Itself - The Occupation of the American Mind

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and Sut Jhally discuss their new film about the Israeli public relations campaign to influence U.S. public opinion

Reality Asserts Itself - Chris Hedges

Paul Jay asks Chris Hedges if the Pope's rhetoric on climate change and capitalism is a positive force or a dangerous illusion


Baltimore City Council Candidate: Neighbors Need to Organize to Change the City
Running for city council for the 7th district as part of Ujima People's Progress Party - Maryland's first Black workers-led electoral party - Nnamdi Scott discusses Baltimore police aerial surveillance, bold new creative leadership, and mass mobilization.
DATE: 2016-09-22

Baltimore Police Have Ruthlessly Fought Past Efforts of Civilian Oversight
Documents obtained by TRNN show a pattern of police resisting citizen input from an all but powerless civilian review board, raising troubling questions of hopes for real reforms
DATE: 2016-09-17

Korryn Gaines Family Announces Lawsuit Against Baltimore County Police
Korryn Gaines family and legal team have announced they will pursue a lawsuit against Baltimore County Police and conduct an independent investigation of her killing, which took place in August
DATE: 2016-09-13

Constant Stop and Frisk of African-Americans Must End, Says Baltimore Mayoral Nominee
In an interview with TRNN, the Democratic nominee for mayor Catherine Pugh says policing must change and the surrounding jurisdictions must help Baltimore tackle poverty and drug addiction as regional problems
DATE: 2016-09-12

Behind the scenes of "A Real Nigga Show"
The Real News hung out at rehearsal with the director and cast of the original play "A Real Nigga Show" to discuss why they chose what some perceive as a controversial title and why the show was developed
DATE: 2016-09-09

Baltimore Community Members Raise Concerns about DOJ's Next Steps
Activists, legal experts, and victims of police brutality at the Elijah Cummings-hosted town hall say the recommendations in the Department of Justice's report on the Baltimore police department don't go far enough
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