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  November 2, 2017

The Real News Collaborates with the Baltimore Beat, a New Alternative Weekly in Baltimore

A new weekly print paper launches on Nov. 15 in partnership with The Real News and the Washington Blade
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BAYNARD WOODS: For The Real News Network, I'm Baynard Woods. I'm here on Holiday Street in front of our offices with Lisa Snowden-McCray, the Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper announced today, The Baltimore Beat.

Hi Lisa.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Hello. How are you?

BAYNARD WOODS: I'm doing great. We should disclose we know each other. We're friends. We've worked together. And we're going to be working together again, which is what is exciting about this. So, what is The Baltimore Beat?

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: The Baltimore Beat is an all-weekly here in the city. We're going to be focusing on all the important stuff, hard news, Arts, Music, the social scene in Baltimore. Everyone needs covering.

BAYNARD WOODS: And so the city paper had its last issue come out yesterday. You worked at the city paper. I used to work at the city paper as well. You were working for the Baltimore Sun.


BAYNARD WOODS: Yesterday. And today you're the Editor-In-Chief of The Beat. Why did you take such a ...? I mean, it's a really daring move to go from the most sort of established and safe position to take a chance and starting an all-weekly in 2017.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: It just really felt like a good opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth is, kind of, because one of the things that I always talk about is that there needs to be more diversity in Journalism. There needs to be more voices, more access for people, and this is literally the perfect opportunity to do it.

One of the things that I think is had, one of the things that journalism, professionals had to figure out is how to do it. So, with this situation, with us being able to collaborate with you guys, being able to collaborate with the Washington Blade, collaborating with other smaller papers in the city and other outlets like ... It's really ... You can really do a lot in kind of like a very lean machine.

BAYNARD WOODS: Yes. So, let's flesh out that collaboration a little bit more. The Washington Blade owns the new paper.


BAYNARD WOODS: The Baltimore Beat. And then we here at the Real News Network are going to be providing some of the news stories for the Beat. And then you guys at the Beat are going to be ... some of the arch reporters and stuff and going to be coming live on air to talk about Arts events and stuff in the city. To me, that kind of collaboration is really exciting and what we really need in this city. How does that feel to you, to come into this thing knowing that there ... you're going to be working with a lot of other, a wider pool of reporters?

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: It's exciting. The one thing that Baltimore does not have is a lack of talented people. Just today, people have been hitting me up: "Do you guys need reporters?" So, like, to be working with so many passionate people, it's a good thing; it's a good thing for me because it's exciting; but I think it's a good thing for Baltimore, too.

BAYNARD WOODS: And when does the first issue hit the streets?

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: November 15. And it is going to be in print as well as online because that was important to us, that people could access a physical paper that you could hold in your hand.

BAYNARD WOODS: Yeah, I mean, it's a city like this where up to 20% of the population doesn't have regular access to the internet. It's another way that we can really reach out of the most affluent parts of the city into other parts of the city. Where is it going to be distributed?

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere we can get. So places like Dovecote. Places like Oyin Handmade that are kind of like hubs. Gas stations. Grocery stores. You know. Anywhere pretty much you sell city papers. We're not going to have any boxes yet, but you'll still be able to get your hands on it.

BAYNARD WOODS: So, we have a lot more chances now to keep the, to hold people accountable right behind us in City Hall. In the Courts. So, I look really forward to working with you as we go forward with this. Lisa Snowden-McCray. I'm Baynard Woods with The Real News.


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