Tahrir Artists

Tahrir Artists

Voices from Tahrir Square's Revolutionary Artists' Union

Tahrir's Revolutionary Artists' Union
Reed Lindsay Reports from Cairo "People who can't read and write can convey their message using art and simple tools"

  February 9, 2012

Making Music with the Revolutionary Artists Union of Egypt
Reed Lindsay continues his series of interviews with artists in Tahrir square. This was shot before the most recent military crack down.

  January 4, 2012

Egypt's Revolutionary Artists' Union Revived in Tahrir Square
"We are here expressing ourselves using art, pencils and a paint brush"

  December 28, 2011

Children of Tahrir Square
Egyptian children and a teacher talk about the revolution (Note: this was shot before the military's recent attacks on protesters)

  December 23, 2011

Egypt's Revolutionary Artists' Union Sing Out
Activist artists sing for the revolution

  December 13, 2011

Revolutionary Rap in Tahrir Square, Cairo
Reed Lindsey reports: Salman Abdul Aziz al-Balshi and Mohammad Mohammad Youssry mix music and politics in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.

  December 6, 2011

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